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Whether it's five miles or five hundred miles, riding a bicycle is more fun than anyone ever told me! My New Year's Resolution to cycle 10 miles a day or 40 minutes on a spin bike has meant that by the end of May I have cycled 2,600 miles! Because of my cycling wardrobe the weather has not stopped me from cycling (unless it really is -5 degrees or with wind gusts of 25 mph). Cycling in style and in comfort is really important to me as I don't really want to be covered in logos looking like a Ninja as I buy groceries or attend meetings. I have found some things that work for me but am always looking for new pieces. For me, Evans Cycles and Cycle Surgery for the basics. My two favourite brands for my wardrobe are www.velorution.com and www.velovixen.com but I am always looking for new pieces. I would love to know what works for you and why. Happy cycling!

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Mice Log What am I doing getting up when it's -1 Outside

Sunday London Ride Date 90. 33.20 miles in 3hr 29 mins, ave speed 9.5 mph max speed 20.7mph on the Marin
-1 is cold.  I kept hoping the temperature would at least climb up to 0 degrees by the time I got out of bed but it didn't.  I reached for the most technical items in my cycling wardrobe - Merino baselayers, Assos jersey and Gore jacket, with jeans and Gore over trousers.  Not forgetting two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves and two buffs.
Result! This worked all day - providing I wasnt immobile in the shade.

Off to Hyde Park Corner to meet five other cyclists - marvellous and kind people two of whom had travelled from Luton.  We headed eastwards with Greenwich as our destination.
Down to Parliament Square and over Westminster Bridge to cycle along NCN4 (National Cycling Network 4) which travels along the Thames.  The signage is a bit rubbish from time to time, often includes flights of stairs and indeed raised pavements.

We passed a lock that has floating house boats for birds!
 And a pub where Sir Paul McCartney had visited

There is something about cycling in London. The architecture, the people just going about their business, how you see things from a completely different angle, so uniquely - a cyclists view. And in great company.

We reached the Maritime Museum Brewery for lunch.  It really does brew its own beer (if you are into beer).  It was a real amble about, followed by great banter and catching up with fab peeps. 

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